The Foodbank is grateful for the donations received. Please use this list of items when donating this month as it really helps to ensure that they receive the items that are needed :

FROM THE FOODBANK                                                                                                                               We are short of the following items :      

Coffee (small jars only please)

Sugar (500g bags please)

Tinned or microwaveable Sponge Pudding,

Cereal Bars,  

Chocolate Bars, 

Sugar (500g bags please)

Instant Mash,

 Long life Milk,

 Long life Fruit Juice

 Tea Bags (40s only please),

 Instant Meals

 Tinned Meat Pies

 (e.g. Fray Bentos)

 We also need:

 Baby Wipes & Disposable Nappies (our stocks are very low)    

Please ensure any 'best before' dates are at least six months away.

Do you have spare time to assist at the foodbank as a volunteer in Halstead, on a Monday morning for a couple of hours, every 3 to 4 weeks in the month, if so please contact Angela Fossick on 01787 472485.

Naturally you can always ask the Reverend Rose Braisby on 01245 361927, or at


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