Parish Priest’s Report 2017/2018



8: Vicar’s Report for APCM 2018
My first thought is to thank all those people here and in the other Team parishes who have been so helpful and welcoming to me in this past year. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy serving in Gosfield, despite the normal niggles of life (including a burst offside front tyre at 60 mph on the A120!). I’ve had some great jobs in my working life, but this has to be the best.
More practically, my and all our thanks should go to the stalwart members of St Catherine’s who fetch and carry and bake and brew and clean and play and sing and ring and preach and teach and polish and vacuum, who tally up, repair, arrange flowers and print and do so many other things, but above all, who pray, to keep the church open, welcoming and worshipping.
We haven’t got a choir report this APCM, but of course our choir is a continual support in worship, and in the funeral and wedding ministry which is so important here. In my seat, I hear their singing clearly: I wish the rest of you could do too. Perhaps one day we could reconsider the sound system inputs and outputs. It’s on my little list!
I’m sorry to report that our Mothers’ Union ceased operations this year, but glad that the members continue to meet socially. The banner will I hope remind us of the vital importance of family life.
Congregation sizes remain about constant, though the impact of wedding families and of baptisms makes comparisons difficult. For some reason, Gosfield doesn’t much support a Crib Service, which makes it an unusual village. I’m aware of other village churches which have multiple sittings, and ticketonly entrance!
Our three lay ministers have continued their fine work leading
worship almost every 3rd Sunday, and have all been studying
to become Authorised Local Preachers. I pray for others to
recognise that still, persistent call to ministry: please come and
see me if you have any idea that’s what God has in mind for
you (and remember, God uses other people to speak to us
We’ve had a variety of services this year, while maintaining the
8am BCP and the 10.30 Common Worship styles. Among
others: an enhanced Remembrance Day service, an All Souls
service and a Longest Night service. A Café Church service
for village volunteers was popular, and we have remembered
the food and farming industries before God with Plough
Sunday, Rogation and Lammas services as well as our
Harvest Festival.
Relationships with the Primary School are developing well,
with Open The Book, the Easter Experience, the normal
Christmas services, and I’ve been able to go into class to talk
about “The Empty Tomb” twice now. It’s more difficult to
penetrate Gosfield School and St Margaret’s, though we are
involved in their Christmas celebrations.
The Uniformed organisations are coming into church for St
George’s Day, and we are planning a BBQ after with “dragonburgers”.
They enjoyed their involvement in Remembrance
Day, and the Brownies love their Christingles! The Scouts are
hoping to refurbish our flagpole soon, and that is so kind of


Naturally you can always ask the Reverend Rose Braisby on 01245 361927, or at

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